About 41st Assembly of AMC

The 41st Assembly of AMC (Sweden) is intended to provide an opportunity to promote intensive discussions and collaborations among participants to enhance and widen the knowledge of Advanced Materials research and to surge innovation and responsiveness for the technological needs, in the areas of Advanced Materials.

EAMC creates global networking to facilitate multi-disciplinary cooperation for research, innovations, and technology that results in translational developments.  The 41st AMC (Sweden) will offer coordination of following contemporary research fields to pave the way for multi-inter-trans-disciplinary translational research and innovations for the market.

  1. Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology
  2. Biomaterials & Biodevices
  3. Electronic, Magnetic & Optical Materials
  4. Structural & Engineering Materials
  5. Thin Films, Materials Surface & Interfaces
  6. Computational Materials & Modelling
  7. Functional Materials
  8. Energy Materials
  9. Polymer Science and Technology
  10. Composite & Ceramic Materials
  11. Environmental & Green Materials
  12. Sustainable Construction and Building Materials
  13. Organic and Composite Thermoelectric Materials
  14. Nanomaterials and Nano Fibers
  15. Lighting Materials Research and Technology
  16. Graphene Innovations and Technology
  17. Metamaterials
  18. Nuclear Energy, Minings & Engineering Materials
  19. Electronic Materials
  20. Advanced Polymer Nanocomposite
  21. Fire Safety and Fire Protection Technology
  22. Battery Materials and Technology
  23. Ceramic and Dielectric Materials
  24. Biological and Biocompatible Materials
  25. Smart Materials
  26. Micro and Nanostructured Materials
  27. Analytical Methods and Spectroscopy
  28. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  29. Biosensors, Bioelectronics and Biodevices
  30. Carbon Materials and Technology
  31. Water Technology
  32. Epoxy & Resins Technology
  33. Plastic & Rubber Technology
  34. Pulp and Paper Technology
  35. Wood Technology
  36. COVID Congress


IAAM Congress(s) brings young researchers and students of cross-disciplinary areas under a single umbrella. The congress provides opportunities for researchers, engineers, students, professionals, and business giants to present their research results, breakthrough innovations, discoveries, path-breaking ideas, experiences, products, and also launch their new products at a global platform. 

International Association of Advanced Materials organizes the congresses in a truly unique and innovative setup, “Knowledge Experience at SeaTM”,  which ensures the maximum interaction and most vibrant discussion to place all delegates onboard in a single vessel. IAAM Congress(s) evidence strong attendance from industry and academia. Some of the elements of the IAAM congress(s) are excellent speakers, interdisciplinary research presentations, parallel sessions, symposia, and opportunities for Global Networking. The Congress(s) will also include commercial product-launches along with the experience of multi-cultural and demographic heritage while cruising across the Baltic Sea, between Stockholm(Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland).


  • A series of keynote and invited lectures, comprehensive oral and poster sessions.
  • The highest level of interactions and the most vibrant discussions, while cruising across the Baltic Sea.
  • Delegates will have full access to the concurrent conference tracks to mix-and-match presentations and maximize networking.
  • Conference process will commence on 23rd August 2021 from Sweden and will conclude on 25th August 2021.
  • A head-on interaction between the exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Presence of business technocrats.
  • Conference running with the wave of science, engineering, and technology. 
  • The format of Knowledge Experience at Sea ensures the maximum interaction and the most vibrant discussion by placing all aboard in a single vessel while sailing.
  • The conference will provide you an amazing experience with lectures of eminent speakers, high-quality presentations, and global networking.
  • Excellent experience of Scandinavian cruise hospitality, culture, and social activities in two countries (Sweden & Finland) of Europe, along with the beautiful views of Baltic Sea.