International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) organizes the congress in a truly unique and innovative meeting-setup. Energy Advanced Materials Congress will run Physically and Virtually with Hybrid Participation Setup. This format will give an opportunity for attending option either Physical or Virtual (Online). The fusion of such participation options will bring a contemporary solution for the restriction of travel, visa, or other issues. 

The format of “Knowledge Experience at SeaTM “ (Physical) ensures maximum interaction and the most vibrant discussion by placing all the delegates onboard in a single vessel.

Congress ensures the experience of multi-cultural and demographic heritage while cruising across the Baltic Sea between Sweden & Finland. The conference will depart from Stockholm, Sweden on 23rd August 2021 to Port of Helsinki (Finland) and return to Stockholm, Sweden on 25th August 2021. You can find a Google Map of the Congress Route

Address of Terminal
Viking Line Terminal, Stadsgården 116 30, Stockholm, Sweden

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