About 32nd Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress

About 32nd AMC

The Advanced Materials Congress (AMC) offers international interdisciplinary platforms for the students, researchers, engineers, professionals from academia and industries to confer the recent trends of advanced materials and technology.  International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) is proud to announce the 32nd Assembly of AMC, Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC 2020) during 02 – 05 February 2020 at Sydney, Australia. 

IAAM Congress evidences strong attendance from industry and academia, excellent speakers, interdisciplinary research presentations, parallel sessions, symposia, and global networking. The glimpse of truly global networking has strengthened the objective of "Significant assessment of the advancement of advanced materials’ research, innovation, and technology". IAAM has a rich legacy of 5000+ well-known speakers from 100+ countries in their Advanced Materials Congress Assemblies. AMC has actively created a global forum in all the continents including Asia, Europe, Australia, and USA for the advancement of materials to global excellence and till now, hosted over 12000 delegates from 100+ countries in its past assemblies.

The truly innovative meetings set-up, Knowledge Experience at SeaTM ensures the maximum interaction and most vibrant discussion to a place all delegates onboard in a single vessel. The 24th edition of Knowledge Experience at Sea aims to coordinate the contemporary research fields towards multi-inter-trans-disciplinary research and innovations. Be a part of "The Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence" @IAAM 2020, read more about AMC and follow IAAM Blogs.

The AMWC is an international event organized under the banner of AMC during winter since 2011. The 1st edition of AMWC was organized in China and then the congress moved to Turkey, Sweden and Singapore. This 5th Edition of AMWC will provide a global forum to the researchers, engineers, students, professionals from academia & industries, and business giants to present their research results, breakthrough innovations, discoveries, path-breaking ideas, experiences, products display, and new products launch. The assembly will exhibit the commercial products and its launches along with the experience of the multi-cultural and demographic heritage in Sydney Australia.

The congress theme, “Significant assessment on the advancement of advanced materials’ research, innovation, and technology, reflected the scientist-industry cooperation model valued for the advancement of society. The conference will depart from Sydney, Australia on 03rd February and returning to Sydney, Australia on 05th February 2020.

The congress aims to deliver an interdisciplinary forum on the following key subject areas:

  • Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology
  • Biomaterials & Biodevices
  • Electronic, Magnetic & Optical Materials
  • Structural & Engineering Materials
  • Thin Films, Materials Surface & Interfaces
  • Computational Materials & Modelling
  • Functional Materials
  • Energy Materials
  • Polymer Science and Technology
  • Composite & Ceramic Materials
  • Environmental & Green Materials
  • Electronic Materials