Social Activities

Exploration and team building activities during the congress

The Advanced Functional Materials Congress offers not only an unmatched platform for knowledge sharing in the scientific community but also provides an amazing experience of a sailing cruise, with the social activities in the cities of Barcelona (Spain), Cannes (France), Genoa (Italy), La Spezia (Italy), Rome (Italy) and Palma De Mallorca Is. (Spain).

The extracurricular & social activities at the Congress are organized in such a way that even though the focus always remains on Scientific Knowledge Enrichment, the overall experience ends up delivering more than just that. All this, thanks to the meticulously planned cruise experience and the visits to some of the most famous places and monuments of the cities for the explorer in you. Owing to all these activities, the Congress delivers an unprecedented conference program to its delegates.


As the cruise travels between the European Countries, the journey gives you a chance to witness the mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea, which is often called the incubator of the western civilization.

Since ancient times, the Mediterranean Sea has been a link among many important European countries. The location along with the old age of this sea has made it possible for it to be a habitat for a wide range of marine biodiversity. During the cruise journey, you get the precious opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, different colours of the sky as you head from one country to another, the natural habitat of the sea along with its 10,000 islands, islets, and rocks. While treating your eyes to these beautiful sights, you also get to enrich your scientific insights and network with others at the cruise, truly realizing our aim of “Knowledge Experience at Sea”.


The journey on the cruise enriches your cultural outlook by giving you an exposure to Mediterranean food, music, dance forms, and also an amazing opportunity to interact with people belonging to different communities. With food menu that includes exquisite Mediterranean delicacies, special concerts highlighting the modern and historical musical heritage of the region and interaction among the delegates from all across the globe. These experiences serve as intermittent breaks that you can take from highly intellectual discussions to lighten your mood and truly enjoy the lovely experience of the cruise journey.