Congress Registration

In order to register in the WebCongress, it is necessary to log into or create your user account in the Delegate Portal, and select WebConference Registration menu for specific WebConference registration.

How to Register for WebCongress?

Please follow the steps to complete your registration:

  1. Create your user account in the Delegate Portal/ Login Here.
  2. Activate your WebCongress account by clicking on the link in the user activation URL which will be sent to your provided email ID within 48 hours.
  3. After user activation, you may proceed for WebCongress registration request.
  4. Upon admin approval, you can complete your WebCongress registration.
  5. Your registration will be confirmed after the receipt of your payment.

Registration fee

The Registration Fee structures of ONE Thematic WebConference are as follows: All in Euro (€)

Types of Registration Early-Bird Registration Fees
Registration Fees
Academic Delegate €175 €225
Student Delegate €75 €125
Company Participant €275 €325
IAAM Member €100 €125
IAAM Fellow Member €0 €25
  • Academic delegate:  Academic delegates are official representatives of universities, higher education & research organizations, and non-profit societies.
  • Student delegate: Student delegates are the master or Ph.D. students in any university or college. To attend the WebCongress as a student delegate, they must produce a valid student identity card if asked by the WebCongress registration staff.
  • IAAM member: Person who bears the IAAM Membership. If you have an IAAM membership, please fill your IAAM membership number. It is noted that you could only able to register in this category once your registration will match to IAAM membership database.
  • Company participant: Company delegates are the official representative of industries, private R&D companies, and other profitable organizations.
  • IAAM fellow member: Person who bears the IAAM Fellow Membership (

Registration Fee Includes (might vary according to the type of registration)

Access to Conference Specific material such as

  • Exclusive attendance and/or presentation in the registered WebConference
  • Online access to meeting materials
  • Publication of abstract(s) in the WebCongress proceedings & abstracts book
  • Exclusive access to the live and broadcast content of WebCongress from 31 August 2020 to 31 March 2021
  • Registration fees included with 2 years IAAM Membership (

Cancellation Policy

Attendee Replacement

In cases where you cannot attend the WebConference and instead want to propose another person at your place, you can ask for substitution before 15 days of starting of the WebConference. However, the proposed individual must have a relevant background according to the theme of the WebConference. They must also have done their research in the WebConference relevant topics that they can showcase at the WebConference based on their participation level (pending approval by Scientific Committee). You need to inform the congress coordinator promptly via email as soon as possible to ensure the registration of the replacing delegate in the WebConference.

Participation Cancellation

If due to any problem or change of plans, you have to cancel your participation in the WebConference, kindly inform the WebConference coordinator via email at immediately. Any cancellations done by the attendee side will incur 100% of WebConference payment so as to compensate for WebConference registration fee and other overheads. We advise you to cross-check your calendar before completing your WebConference registration.

Cancellation/Postponement of WebConference

If due to any circumstances, IAAM has to cancel or postpone this WebConference, all pre-paid registrants will be given the option to attend the rescheduled WebConference or opt for full reimbursement of the paid fee. It is noted that the organizer or any associated party will not be liable to reimburse any costs incurred by you for any expenses made by you at an individual or group level.