Dental Materials

Prof. William Brantley WebSymposium on Dental Materials

  • 08 - 09 June 2021

  • Stockholm, Sweden

Prof. William Brantley WebSymposium on Dental Materials organized for the 80th birthday celebration of Prof. William Brantley to recognize his outstanding contribution and intends to reunite his network by inviting current and past group members, collaborators, and colleagues together with experts in the respective field. This thematic websymposium will accelerate opportunities for networking, collaboration, exchange of ideas and to discuss sustainability challenges and innovation with internationally renowned advanced materials leaders and experts.

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WebSymposium Chair

Prof. Eser Tufekci
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Important Dates

May 2021

Abstract Submission Deadline

May 2021

Confirmation of Abstract Acceptation



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Biography of Prof. William Brantley

William A. Brantley (PhD) is an Executive Fellow of IAAM and Professor Emeritus in the College of Dentistry at Ohio State University. He has been a faculty member at Ohio State since 1989, retiring from the full-time faculty as Professor of Restorative and Prosthetic Dentistry in 2017 to serve in a part-time emeritus faculty capacity. After receiving his PhD in Metallurgy and Materials Science from Carnegie-Mellon University (1968), he had positions at the US Army Materials and Mechanicals Research Center (1968 – 1970), performing research on ceramic armor, and Bell Laboratories (1970 – 1974), performing research on compound semiconductors. He served as a faculty member at the Marquette University School of Dentistry from 1974 to 1989, becoming Professor and Chair of the Department of Dental Materials, before joining Ohio State University. Professor Brantley developed graduate programs in Dental Materials at both institutions. He has mentored nine PhD students and seven postdoctoral researchers. His dental materials publications lie in the areas of endodontic, orthodontic, prosthodontic / implant, and restorative materials. His two major research areas at Ohio State University have been (1) palladium alloys for metal-ceramic dental restoration, funded by the National Institute for Dental Research (NIH) and (2) nickel-titanium alloys for orthodontics and endodontics. He is coauthor for two seminal publications on the nickel-titanium alloy for endodontics, along with other publications presenting novel characterization results for several dental materials. He is co-editor / author for two textbooks on orthodontic materials and a third book on the in vivo aging of dental materials. Professor Brantley is a member of the International / American Associations for Dental Research, the Academy of Dental Materials, ASM International, and TMS.