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City of Nobel

Stockholm, Sweden


The thematic session aims to offer an interdisciplinary forum on the following key topics:

Fundamentals in Hydrogen Energy Technology
Hydrogen Production by Electrochemical, Photochemical, Thermochemical, Biological and Decomposition Process
Water Splitting Technology, Oxygen Evolution/Reduction Reaction, Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
CO2 Reduction Reactions
Hydrogen Storage: Physical and Materials Based Storage
Transportation of Hydrogen and Energy Carriers
Technological Development/Challenges in Solid-State Hydrogen Storage
Application of Hydrogen Energy: Industrial, Medical, Agriculture etc
Environmental Impact of Hydrogen Energy System
Hydrogen Energy: Scenarios, Economics, and Finance
Market-In-Strategy of Hydrogen Energy Systems

Important Dates

05 September 2019

Abstract Submission Deadline

10 September 2019

Confirmation of Abstract Acceptation

25 September 2019

Registration Deadline

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Hydrogen Energy Technology

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The innovative meetings set-up, Knowledge Experience at Sea ensures the maximum interaction and most vibrant discussion to place all delegates onboard in a single vessel. IAAM Congress(s) experience of multi-cultural and demographic heritage of two Scandinavian capital cities, Stockholm (known for Nobel prize) and Helsinki.

Call for Abstract

The Congress invites professional researchers, scientific communities, students and business professionals from all over the world to attend the three-day international conference to be held in Stockholm, Sweden during 09 – 11 October 2019.

Hydrogen Energy Technology