American Advanced Materials Congress: Onsite, Online & On-demand Hybrid Participation Setups

  • 29 October-05 November 2022

  • Miami, USA

American Advanced Materials Congress is an annual assembly for interactive discussions and technical sessions emphasis on “the Advancement of Materials for cutting-edge Innovations and Technology”. The congress intends to provide an opportunity to promote intensive discussions and collaborations among participants to enhance and widen the knowledge of materials science, engineering & technology and to surge innovation and responsiveness for the technological needs towards advancements of materials to the sustainable and green world.

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International Association of Advanced Materials

International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) is a non-profit organization to provide research and education forum for the developments of the rapidly expanding fields of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering and Technology.

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Celebrating 12th anniversary

Advanced Materials Congress (AMC) is a flagship conference in the field of materials science, engineering and technology organized by the International Association of Advanced Materials.

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Important Dates

12 August 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline

15 August 2022

Confirmation of Abstract Acceptation

15 April 2022

Early-Bird Registration Deadline

Sessions & Symposia

    • Nanomaterials Synthesis
    • Physico-Chemical Nanomaterials
    • Nanomaterials - Physics, Chemistry and Biology
    • Properties of Nanostructured Materials
    • Nano-characterization Techniques
    • Nanostructured Surfaces
    • Shape and Size Dependent Nanomaterials
    • Stability Study of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
    • Nano-devices and Nano-systems
    • Scope of Nanomaterials
    • Applications of Nanotechnology
    • Nanomaterials Safety and Regulations
    • Nanotech Products and Market
    • Future Challenges in Nanotechnology

    • Electronic, Magnetic & Optical Materials: Synthesis and Characterization
    • Electronic, Magnetic & Optical Materials: Structure and Design
    • Nanoscale Electronic, Magnetic & Optical Materials
    • Luminescence Mechanisms and Energy Transfers
    • Magnetism, Electromagnetism and Spintronics
    • Hybrid Electronic, Magnetic & Optical Materials
    • Electronic, Magnetic & Optical Materials: Products, Challenges and Market
    • Electronic, Magnetic & Optical Materials: Various Applications

    • Surface and Interface Phenomena
    • Surface and Interface Analysis and Properties
    • Nanostructured Materials, Micelles, and Colloids
    • Solid Thin Films and Layers
    • Thin Film Growth & Epitaxy
    • Surface Coating Technology
    • Corrosion Engineering
    • Deposition Techniques
    • Tribology
    • Biomolecules, Biointerfaces, and Applications

    • Functional Materials: Synthesis and Characterization
    • Functional Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
    • Functional Polymeric Materials
    • Functional Carbon/ Quantum Dots
    • Applications of Functional Materials
    • Functional Materials Based Technology, Innovations and Market

    • Polymerization Techniques
    • Polymer Design and Modelling
    • Polymer Nanocomposites
    • Advanced Polymer Structures
    • Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Polymer
    • Polymer Rheology
    • Bio-Polymers
    • Applications of Polymers
    • Recent innovations in Polymer Science and Technologies
    • Polymer Industry

    • Green Synthesis, Manufacturing, and Engineering Processes
    • Environmental and Green Nanotechnology
    • Chemical Safety and Sustainability
    • Green Solvents
    • Green Fossil Energy, Biomass, and Future fuels
    • Green Catalysis
    • Green Chemistry in Environmental Science
    • Recycling and Waste Management
    • Chemicals Management and Green Economy
    • Innovation in Sustainable and Green Chemistry
    • Green and Sustainable Chemistry Education

    • Materials Processing & Manufacturing
    • Structural Analysis and Design
    • Computer-Aided Design and Modelling
    • Numerical Methods and Algorithms
    • Computational Structural Mechanics
    • Construction Technology and Methods
    • Concrete and Masonry Structures
    • Glass and Ceramics
    • Shape Memory Alloys
    • Membrane Structures
    • Smart Materials and Structures
    • Structural Failures
    • Innovative Solutions in Structural Design and Construction
    • Structural Stability, Safety and Reliability
    • Metal and Alloys

    • Energy Materials: Synthesis and Characterization
    • Solar Energy Materials
    • Batteries, Supercapacitors and Solid Electrolyte Materials
    • Energy Harvesting Materials
    • Emerging Technologies for Energy Applications
    • Fuel cells and Biofuels
    • Nano Energy
    • Hydrogen Energy
    • Photocatalysis and Electrocatalysis
    • Water Splitting Technology
    • Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Reduction of CO2
    • Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Geothermal Energy

    • Computational Materials Science
    • Nanoscale Modelling
    • Computer-Aided Materials Selection, Design and Manufacturing
    • Computer-Integrated Material Processing Technology
    • Computer-Aided Learning and Teaching
    • Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Techniques
    • Quantum Chemical, Semi-Empirical and Classical Approaches
    • Density Functional Theory
    • Ab Initio Calculations
    • Finite Element Analysis and Mesoscale modelling
    • Internet of Things-Based Methods

    • Composite & Ceramic Materials: Synthesis and Characterization
    • Composite & Ceramic Materials: Structure and Design
    • Nano-Composites and Nano-Ceramics
    • Ceramic-Matrix Composites
    • Polymer Matrix Composites
    • Composite & Ceramic Engineering
    • Glass Engineering and Science
    • Ceramic Coating
    • Composite & Ceramic Materials: Various Applications
    • Composite & Ceramic Materials: Products, Challenges and Market

    • Electronic materials – Preparation techniques and characterization
    • Micro- and nano-fabrication of electronic materials
    • Physics and Chemistry of electronic materials
    • Analytical and numerical modelling of electronic materials
    • Carbon nanotubes and graphene in electronic materials
    • Electronic materials for nanoelectronics and nanophotonics
    • Nanocircuits and nanoantennas
    • Materials for quantum electronics
    • Biological and biomedical applications of electronic materials
    • Integrated nanophotonics and optoelectronics
    • Design and fabrication of the electronic device, field effect transistor
    • Super-resolution and near-field imaging: effects and devices
    • Transformational structural buffer layers, gate dielectrics, and electrical insulators
    • Optically transparent materials and conductive layers
    • Advances in metal oxide semiconductor
    • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) - Microactuators, microsensors, microelectronics, and microstructures
    • Oxidation processing of electronic materials
    • Electron mobilities, superconductors, and 2D electron gases
    • Extreme High- and Low-Temperature Electronics
    • Oxides in electronics
    • Electronic materials in education


16000+ delegates from over 100 countries in the past congress assemblies strengthen the objective, Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence. The allusion of “Knowledge Experience at Sea” ensure the maximum interaction and most vibrant discussion to place the leading academicians, researchers, young scientists, students and business giants on the board in a single vessel.

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The congress invites research professionals, scientific communities, delegates, students, executives, and business professionals from all over the world to attend this important international conference with hybrid participation set-ups (onsite-online-on demand, as per convenience) to be hosted in Miami, USA during 29 October-05 November 2022.


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