Social Activities

Exploration and team building activities during the congress

The American Advanced Materials Congress offers not only an unmatched platform for knowledge sharing in the scientific community but also provides an amazing experience of a cruise, on the Caribbean Sea, with opportunities to explore three beutiful views of San Juan (Puerto Rico), Charlotte Amalie (St Tomas) (USA), Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), Ocean Cay (Bahamas), Nassau (Bahamas) and Miami (USA). 

The social activities at the Congress are scheduled in such a way that that although the focus always remains on Scientific Knowledge Enrichment, the overall experience ends up delivering more than just that. All of this is made possible because of the meticulously planned cruise experience and the chance for the explorer in you to see the beutiful places. Owing to the extensive scientific knowledge sharing and the exploration opportunities, Advanced Materials Congress offers an unparalleled and unprecedented conference program to all its delegates.