Social Activities

The Advanced Materials Congress offers not only an unmatched platform for knowledge sharing in the scientific community but also provides an amazing experience of a cruise, on the Mediterranean Sea, with opportunities to explore three world-renowned cities: Barcelona, Marseille, and Genoa.

The social activities at the Congress are scheduled in such a way that that although the focus always remains on Scientific Knowledge Enrichment, the overall experience ends up delivering more than just that. All of this is made possible because of the meticulously planned cruise experience and the chance for the explorer in you to see three beautiful and culturally rich cities. Owing to the extensive scientific knowledge sharing and the exploration opportunities, Advanced Materials Congress offers an unparalleled and unprecedented conference program to all its delegates.


As the cruise travels between the three cities of Genoa, Marseille, and Barcelona, the journey gives you a chance to witness the mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea, which is often called the incubator of the western civilization.

Since ancient times, the Mediterranean Sea has been a link among many important European countries. The location along with the old age of this sea has made it possible for it to be a habitat for a wide range of marine biodiversity. During the cruise journey, you get the precious opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, different colours of the sky as you head from one country to another, the natural habitat of the sea along with its 10,000 islands, islets, and rocks. While treating your eyes to these beautiful sights, you also get to enrich your scientific insights and network with others at the cruise, truly realizing our aim of “Knowledge Experience at Sea”.

Knowledge Experience at Sea at 33rd Assembly of AMC
Cruise between Stockholm & Helsinki at the Baltic Sea
Knowledge Experience at Sea for the Delegates
Beautiful View of the Baltic sea



The journey on the cruise enriches your cultural outlook by giving you an exposure to Mediterranean food, music, dance forms, and also an amazing opportunity to interact with people belonging to different communities. With food menu that includes exquisite Mediterranean delicacies, special concerts highlighting the modern and historical musical heritage of the region and interaction among the delegates from all across the globe. These experiences serve as intermittent breaks that you can take from highly intellectual discussions to lighten your mood and truly enjoy the lovely experience of the cruise journey.

Global Cultural exchange on the cruise
Exclusive Scandinavian delicacies
Special concert highlighting musical heritage of the region
Delegates enjoying experience of the Cruise journey



As part of the congress program, the delegates are given time to explore the cities of Genoa, Marseille, and Barcelona when the cruise docks at the port. While in the city of Genoa, the delegates get to witness the medieval charm with its cathedrals, alleyways, and hidden piazzas. The city of Genoa, the supposed birthplace of Christopher Columbus, has a lot of interesting sites for the delegates to see, including the noble palaces, mazes of alleyways, the Strada Nuova Museum, Palazzo Rosso, and Palazzo Bianco, etc. In the city of Marseille as well, the Old Port is the main tourist area and hence, the delegates can visit a lot of attractions in the time they get according to the congress program. The oldest city in France, Marseille is a major attraction of the region with its beautiful buildings and narrow streets that take people hundreds and thousands of years back in time. The delegates can also visit the highly interesting art galleries around the port.

The city of Ibiza has a lot on offer as well for all the delegates who decide to take a little shore excursion. In the city, Dalt Vila, the oldest and the highest part of the city, is something you wouldn’t want to miss. The town has huge Renaissance-era walls all around the city. The Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa has a huge collection of engravings and paintings about this city and the building is an 18th century structure. Also, one can find a variety of Mediterranean cuisine in the town, especially fish and meat dishes along with the traditional sweet pastries.

Finally, when the cruise docks in the city of Barcelona, the delegates can treat their eyes to the magnificent architecture of the city. With the city having attractions like Sagrada Família, Casa Battló, Casa Milá, and several museums, if you decide to go on a little shore excursion, it could be a great cultural experience. Moreover, Barcelona is known for the food experiences it has to offer. From Pintxos and Tapas and Paella to dishes that are unique to Barcelona only, there is a lot that the delegates can treat themselves to.

Guided tours of Helsinki
Helsinki Senate Square
The Sibelius Monument in Helsinki City
Uspenski Orthodox Cathedrals