About 30th Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress

About 30th AMC

The Advanced Materials Congress (AMC) offers international interdisciplinary platforms for the students, researchers, academicians, and business giants to confer the recent trends of advanced materials and technology. The congress began life from China and till now hosted 12000 delegates from 100 different countries. With the glory of previous extremely successful assemblies, International Association of Advanced Materials is now proud to announce the 30th Assembly of AMC during 31 October – 04 November 2019 at Singapore.

The congress provides opportunities for researchers, engineers, students, professionals, and business giants to present their research results, breakthrough innovations, discoveries, path-breaking ideas, experiences, products display, and new products launch at a global platform. The congress theme, “Emphasizing the Advancement of Materials for cutting-edge Innovations and Technology”, reflected the scientist-industry model valued for the advancement of society. The conference will depart from Singapore on 01 November 2019 to Malaysia and returning to Singapore on 04 November 2019.

The congress aims to deliver an interdisciplinary forum on the following key subject areas: