European Advanced Energy Materials and Technology Congress

27 - 29 October, 2020 | Stockholm, Sweden

European Advanced Energy Materials and Technology Congress

  • 27 - 29 October, 2020

  • Stockholm, Sweden

The thematic event " European Advanced Energy Materials and Technology Congress" is dedicated to exploring the recent progress in the field of energy materials and technology with the special focus on commercialization of translational energy research for the empowerment of industries. Congress will provide opportunities for the researcher, professional, student, business giants, and start-up companies to present their research results, innovative ideas, technological challenges, and possible solutions at the international platform.

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June 2020

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June 2020

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June 2020

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International Association of Advanced Materials

International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) is a non-profit organization to provide research and education forum for the developments of the rapidly expanding fields of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering and Technology.

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Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials Congress (AMC) is a flagship conference in the field of materials science, engineering and technology organized by the International Association of Advanced Materials.

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  • Nano Energy Materials, Graphene and 2D Energy Materials, Battery and Energy Storage Materials, Renewable Energy Materials, Electrocatalytic Materials, Thermoelectric Materials, Photovoltaic Materials, Photocatalytic and Green Energy Materials, Piezo and Triboelectric Materials, Quantum and Energy Materials, Nuclear Materials, Magnetocalorics Materials, Computational Study of Energy Materials, Tailored Interfaces in Turbines, Solid Electrolytes, New Energy Materials and Devices, Industrial Energy, Materials and Products

  • Fundamentals in Solar Cells and Photovoltaics, Photovoltaics Materials: Synthesis, Properties and Characterization, Organic, Non-organic and Hybrid Solar Cell, Advanced Silicon Solar Cells, Semiconductor Solar Cell, Dye-Sensitized Solar cells, Plastic Solar Cells, Perovskite Solar Cells, Thin Film Solar Cells, Flexible and Wearable Solar Cells, Alternative Solar Related Technologies, Developments and Policies in Solar Cell, Application of Solar Energy: Industrial, Medical, Agriculture etc., Solar Market

  • Fundamentals in Energy Storage and Battery Technology, Renewable Energy Storage, Nuclear Energy Storage, Hydraulic Hydro Energy Storage, Thermal Storage, Compressed Air Energy Storage, Flywheel Energy Storage, Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity, Energy Storage for Bridging Power, Supercapacitors , Sodium and Lithium Ion Batteries, All Solid-State Batteries, Metal-air Batteries, Electric Vehicle Batteries, Graphene Batteries, Flexible and Stretchable Batteries, Liquid Flow batteries, Energy Storage: Scenarios, Economics, and Finance, Market-In-Strategy of Energy Storage and Battery Technology, Energy Storage: Safety and Recycling

  • Energy Technologies: Basics and Classifications, Wind Energy Technology, Solar and Low Energy Architecture, Geothermal Technology, Wave, Tide and Ocean Thermal Energies, Hydro Power Energies, Energy Transmission and Distribution, Smart Grid Technology, Latest Technological Advancements in the Energy Sectors, Cutting-edge Technologies on a Path Toward Commercialization, Energy Related Challenges, Future of Energy Technology, Innovation in the Energy Sector – From Production to Customer Service, Innovations in Conventional Energy, Energy Waste Management

  • Fundamental and Sources of Green & Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Conservation, Novel Sustainable Energy Technologies, Combined and Hybrid Sustainable Energy Systems, Carbon Capture and Storage, Biomass and Bioenergy, Materials and Technology for Gas sorption, Storage, and Sensing, Materials for Water and Air Detoxification, Materials for Energy Saving and Sustainability, Cleaner Approach in Power Sector: Fuel Cell, Solar Cell or Batteries, Clean Coal, Green Electricity, Energy and Environmental Policies, Social Dimensions of Energy and Sustainability

  • Fundamentals in Fuel Cell Technology, Advanced Fuel Cell Materials: Synthesis, Properties and Characterization, Microbial and Bio Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, Fuel Cell Membranes, Alkaline Fuel Cell, Hydrocarbon Fuel Cell, Microfluidic Fuel Cell, Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell, Ethanol/Methanol Based Fuel Cell, Enzymatic Fuel Cell, Direct Flame Fuel Cell, Regenerative Fuel Cell, Direct Urea/Ammonia Fuel Cell, Direct Carbon Fuel Cell, Ceramic and Hybrid Fuel Cell, Flexible and Wearable Fuel Cell, Application of Fuel Cell Technology: Industrial, Medical, Agriculture etc., Fuel Cell Vehicles, Developments and Policies in Fuel Cell Technology, Global Fuel Cell Market

  • Fundamentals in Hydrogen Energy Technology, Hydrogen Production by Electrochemical, Photochemical, Thermochemical, Biological and Decomposition Process, Water Splitting Technology, Oxygen Evolution/Reduction Reaction, Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, CO2 Reduction Reactions, Hydrogen Storage: Physical and Materials Based Storage, Transportation of Hydrogen and Energy Carriers, Technological Development/Challenges in Solid-State Hydrogen Storage, Application of Hydrogen Energy: Industrial, Medical, Agriculture etc., Environmental Impact of Hydrogen Energy System, Hydrogen Energy: Scenarios, Economics, and Finance, Market-In-Strategy of Hydrogen Energy Systems

  • Nano Energy Materials: Synthesis and Characterization, Nano Energy Engineering, Physics and Chemistry, Nanoenergy Materials in Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, Batteries and Supercapacitors, Nanoenergy Materials in Energy Harvesting and Solar Cells Devices, Piezoelectric Nanogenerators, Triboelectric Nanogenerators, Pyroelectric Nanogenerator, Advanced Nanohybrid Energy Devices, Flexible and Wearable Nano-energy Devices, Policy and Perspectives in Nano Energy Systems, Manufacturing and Scale-up and Commercialization of Nano Energy Materials

  • Working Principles and Classifications of Electric Vehicles, Global Developments and Advancements in Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Electric Vehicles and Batteries, Electric Motor Developments & Next-generation Technologies, New Charging Technologies and Wireless Charging, Intelligent Mobility and Smart Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Policy and Safety, Electric Vehicle Industry and Cost-effective Technologies

  • Renewable Energy: Basics, Sources, and Conversion, Bioenergy Conversion Technologies, Solar Thermal Applications, Solar and Low Energy Architecture, Renewable Energy and CO2 Emissions, Renewable Energy & Green Economy: Case Studies, Green Economy Approach: Fundamental to Applications, Green Economy: Problem Identification, Policy Formulation, Assessment and Evaluation, Economic Impacts: Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide, Next Generation Energy: Impact on the Economy

  • Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in Energy Technology, Development of the Electric Energy Market, Energy Related Equipment, Current and Projected Global Market for Energy, Energy Optimization Projects: Identification and Implementation, Smart Energy Manufacturing Platform: Empowering Industrial Energy Efficiency, Steam System Optimization for Energy, Green Energy Movement in the Corporate World, Industrial energy and Waste Reduction, Energy Efficiency at Waste Water Treatment Plants: Case Studies, Energy Analysis of Industrial Processes, Energy Savings and Desalinization, Energy and Renewable Investment – A Step Towards Decision Making, Energy Cost Optimization in a Sugar Industry

  • Investments and Financing in the Energy Sector, Energy Technologies, Markets and Policies for Tomorrow, Future of the Built Environment: Communities, Adaptation & Resilience, The Road to Decarbonization, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Smart Grids, Corporate Sustainability, Energy Finance: Roadblock and Solutions, Global Climate Change Consequences, Is World Ready for Climate Change, State Strategy in the Field of Energy and Climate

  • Perovskites: Synthesis, Properties and Characterization, Perovskites: Structure and Modelling, Perovskite Films Fabricating Technologies, Nano-Perovskites, Halide Lead Perovskites, Perovskite-type Oxides, Transition-Metal Perovskites, Organic-Inorganic Perovskites, 2D Layered Perovskites, Pb-Free Perovskites, Polar Perovskites, Hybrid Double Perovskites, Piezoelectric Perovskites, Perovskite Nanoferroelectrics and Multiferroics, Perovskite-type Catalytic Materials, Perovskite Solar Cell, Perovskite Fuel Cells, Perovskites in Catalysis and Electrocatalysis, Perovskite‐Based Optoelectronic Devices, Perovskite-Based Sensing Devices, Perovskites: Environmental Applications, Perovskite: Stability and Efficiency, Hazard Potential of Perovskites, Perovskites: Challenges and Market

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12000+ delegates from over 100 countries in the past congress assemblies strengthen the objective, Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence. The allusion of “Knowledge Experience at Sea” ensure the maximum interaction and most vibrant discussion to place the leading academicians, researchers, young scientists, students and business giants on the board in a single vessel.

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The innovative meetings set-up, Knowledge Experience at Sea ensures the maximum interaction and most vibrant discussion to place all delegates onboard in a single vessel. IAAM Congress(s) experience of multi-cultural and demographic heritage of two Scandinavian capital cities, Stockholm (known for Nobel prize) and Helsinki.

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The Congress invites professional researchers, scientific communities, students and business professionals from all over the world to attend the three-day international conference to be held in Stockholm, Sweden during 27 – 29 October 2020.


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