About Baltic Conference Series (BCS)

Connecting industry and academia to discuss recent developments, exchange experiences, explore collaborations and share new ideas

The Baltic Conference Series (BCS) seeks to foster collaboration among individuals from diverse academic and industry backgrounds to explore recent trends in translational research, technology, and innovations. The ultimate goal is to promote the commercialization of forward-thinking research that benefits society and aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, the conference emphasizes advancements in next-generation research and discoveries, particularly in the realm of materials, that can have a positive impact on creating a climate-neutral society.

By providing a platform for idea-sharing, knowledge exchange, and cutting-edge research collaboration, the BCS facilitates interactions among policymakers, governance, and civil society, leading to meaningful progress towards societal goals. Notably, the conference will feature a hybrid participation setup that includes onsite/physical, online/live, and on-demand options to increase accessibility and enhance opportunities for networking, research exchange, and discussion.

The BCS invites notable personalities from academia and industry to participate in plenary sessions, keynote lectures, and oral and poster presentations on translational research aimed at empowering society and advancing the scientific field. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions related to the latest advancements in next-generation research and innovations, with a particular emphasis on materials knowledge and discoveries that can improve society.

The congresses are organized by the International Association of Advanced Materials, which employs a distinctive and innovative setup called Knowledge Experience at SeaTM to ensure maximum interaction and lively discussions among delegates aboard a single vessel. The congresses attract strong attendance from both industry and academia, featuring outstanding speakers, interdisciplinary research presentations, parallel sessions, symposia, and ample opportunities for global networking. Additionally, the congresses feature commercial product launches and provide a multi-cultural and demographic experience as attendees cruise across the sea. The IAAM congresses unite young researchers and students from diverse fields under one roof, offering a platform for professionals, business giants, engineers, and researchers to showcase their research results, innovative breakthroughs, discoveries, ideas, and products on a global stage. 


  • Experience a series of keynote and invited lectures, comprehensive oral and poster sessions, and the highest level of interaction and vibrant discussions - all while cruising across the Baltic Sea.
  • Delegates will have full access to concurrent conference tracks, allowing them to mix-and-match presentations and maximize networking opportunities.
  • Mark your calendars for the congress process, commencing on October 29, 2024 from Stockholm, Sweden, and concluding on October 31, 2024.
  • This unique experience will feature head-on interactions between exhibitors and sponsors, as well as the presence of business technocrats.
  • The congress will encompass the latest developments in science, engineering, and technology, running with the wave of innovation.
  • Knowledge Experience at Sea is designed to ensure maximum interaction and dynamic discussions by placing all participants aboard a single vessel while sailing.
  • The congress will offer an incredible experience with lectures by eminent speakers, high-quality presentations, and global networking opportunities.
  • In addition to the stimulating academic program, delegates will enjoy the excellent hospitality, culture, and social activities of two Scandinavian countries (Sweden and Finland) and breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea. Don't miss out on this unforgettable event.