Sponsorship & Exhibition

To promote your business here for partnerships and global market

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the global gathering in the World Conference on Materials, Energy and Climate for expending your business and product launches!!

Comprehending the needs of the prospective customers has always been a challenge for organizations. The WCMEC designed as a one of a kind must-attend event that offers technology leaders, startups, and instrumentation companies unlimited possibilities to showcase their products and services and gain valuable insights through the exposure and one-to-one interactions.

The goal of WCMEC is to congregate inventors, industry leaders, and academia delegates at one place to accelerate the adoption of new products and technologies for real-world applications.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Find new and prospective customers
  • Meet researchers from across the globe and showcase your products and services
  • Get direct feedback from the real user of your/similar products
  • Understand their requirements and innovate before anyone else
  • Educate your customers about your products
  • Showcase yourself as a thought leader in your space
  • Build your brand with targeted advertising in the Conclave
  • Recognition on IAAM website, Social Media, Signage displayed at the event

What Can You Showcase at the Conclave?

  • State-of-the-Art Technologies
  • Research Work on the latest inventions
  • Live Product Demos
  • Demonstrate Product Value to high-level decision makers
  • Invite for Academia Partnership
  • Working Prototypes of upcoming technologies
  • Latest Products or Service Announcements
  • Expansion Plans to multiple geographies


Sponsorship plans are available in three different packages:

  • One Conference Sponsorship
  • Three Conference Sponsorship
  • All-Inclusive Package, which includes sponsorship for all conferences

To get more info about Sponsorship Pricing, email us at coordinator@advancedmaterialscongress.org

Package Inclusions:

  • One 3 x 2m Exhibition Space with One Table & Three Chairs
  • 2 complimentary Conclave registrations
  • Full Page Advertisement in the Conclave Program Brochure
  • Insert up to 3 items (flyers, branded USB drives, cards, brochures, etc.) into Conclave Delegates Bags
  • Access to direct contact details (emails & phone based on availability) of up to a maximum of 20 delegates for your follow up and sales activities
  • Dedicated Session Time of up to 40 minutes
  • Logo, Website Link, and up to 200 words of Company Info on the Conclave Website & IAAM website for 1 Year
  • Shout-out from IAAM Social Posts and Opening Presentation at the Conclave
  • 25% waiver in future sponsorship packages in IAAM Conferences (valid till next 2 years of current sponsorship package expiry)

Application Submission Procedure

STEP 1: Select the product/technology that you want to showcase at the Conclave

STEP 2: Apply for any one of the sponsorship packages

STEP 3: Share the demo product information having a brief product pitch and 2-3-minute high-quality product video with the Conference Committee

STEP 4: Product evaluation from the committee for final approval

STEP 5: Showcase the product at the Conclave

Product Evaluation Parameters:

Uniqueness: How different is the product from the existing options? Is it entirely new or a derivative or a revamp? Does it solve a problem never addressed before?

Development Stage: What stage of development has the product/idea reached? Is it in the ideation stage? Does it have a developed prototype? When will the product be available to the consumer market? Are you looking for feedback on development stages?

Demo Time Required: : Is a dedicated time slot required to fully explain the product’s functionality? Can it be shown in a common time slot for demos? Will you need a specific time slot to share your product demo to the audience?

Market Requirement: : Is the product feasible for the market? Is there any existing issue in the market that the product solves?

Patent/Copyright Protection: The product should not feature any patented/copyrighted part or process in its demo. The sole responsibility for assuring the prevention of copyright/patent infringement lies with the Sponsor/Exhibiting Company.

*All the applications for sponsorship/exhibition will undergo strict evaluation from the Organizing Committee and only upon final approval will the final space for exhibition be provided. The applicant companies will be completely responsible for the accuracy, authenticity, legality, and adherence to copyright/patent protection laws while submitting the application or during the exhibition/product demonstration. IAAM reserves the final decision to allow/deny any sponsor/exhibitor a sponsorship/exhibition slot at the Conclave. Please request for Sponsorship Form for detailed terms & conditions.