Instruction for Speakers

Talks and Oral Sessions

The oral sessions will take place on the ZOOM meeting platform. Each session will consist of speakers making their presentations with slides being played. All the speakers should have Zoom installed on their computers.

Before the beginning of the oral presentation, each speaker will be introduced by the organizer. Once the talk finishes, a question and answer session will follow. Then, the questions will be selected by the organizer and he will read them out loud for the speaker to answer them.

The speakers are always bound to respect the allotted time and listen to the instructions of the Websession chair to ensure the smooth functioning of the program.


Two days prior to the commencement of the event, there will be a meeting on Zoom with all the speakers along with the WebConference manager. The goal of this run-through will be to experience the platform, check all the necessary technical conditions, and answer all the questions, if any.

A few hours before the Live Event, a link will be shared with all the speakers for the event at Zoom. On the day of the event, the speakers will be required to connect at least one hour before the talk begins to ensure a smooth connection.

Presentation format

  • PowerPoint Presentation with slides

  • The slides can include texts and images

  • If there is any video, the participant should ensure that they can play it from the document

Registration and abstract submission

After peer-review of submitted abstracts in the WebCongress, speakers/ presenters will receive an acceptation letter for delivering lecture/presentation in the Advanced Materials WebCongress via email. Please note that the speakers, by submitting the abstract, give permission to record their lectures and publish in the Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials (VPoAM). All the lectures and presentation in the AMWeb will be published in the official video journal of IAAM - an open access Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials (VPoAM) after peer-review process.

Summary guide

Time to go for the WebConference

 Instruction and Guideline

3 days

Check out the program and abstracts

2 days

Run-through and connection test with the WebConference manager

1 hour

Connect and get ready


Keep in mind the time limit set by the moderator (WebSession Chair) and share your screen to play the slides for the presentation.

After your talk

Answer the questions as posed by the moderator.

After the oral session

Join the poster WebSession


Technical requirements

All the lecture/oral WebSessions will take place on Zoom. For the proper functioning of the WebSessions, the speakers will require the following things:

  • A computer

  • A functioning webcam

  • Headphones with microphones

  • A prepared PowerPoint Presentation

  • A high-speed internet connection

The speakers are advised to use the Zoom application beforehand in order to get used to the interface and the functioning. During the presentation, they are also advised to be extra careful when connecting or disconnecting the camera or muting the microphone. If a speaker is not speaking, the microphone should preferably be on mute during the WebSessions.

To ensure an effective broadcasting, the PowerPoint presentation should be in the 16:9 format. If you are converting the presentation from 4:3 into 16:9, make sure that the figures do not get stretched. If they do get stretched, use the option in the figure-size menu to restore the original size.